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Revitalize your solar investment: Unmatched Efficiency, Unparalleled Sustainability

Northeast Clean Solar specializes in expert solar panel cleaning for large commercial installations in Upstate New York, ensuring optimal efficiency, prolonged lifespan, and a commitment to sustainable energy practices.

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For Solar Panels, clean means green.

Move your business forward by protecting your solar panel investment. Increase your ROI while protecting the planet. We call that a win/win.

Clean Solar Panel

Solar Panel Cleaning

Elevate your solar investment with our meticulous water-based cleaning service, ensuring a spotless, eco-friendly shine that maximizes energy output.

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Reasons To Clean Your Solar Panels

How it translates

Increase in Energy Output
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Extended Panel Lifespan
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Energy Savings from cleaning your solar panels
Reduced Energy Costs
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Women Owned Solar Panel Cleaning in Upstate New York

About our company

Upstate's premier solar panel cleaning service

We are a woman-owned family business based in Albany, NY, helping businesses with their commercial solar panel cleaning services throughout the Northeast region.

Our water-based, chemical-free approach enhances panel efficiency, ensuring a sustainable and brilliant energy future for businesses of all sizes.

Why choose us

Clean Matters

As a local family we want to help you get the most out of your solar panels. Every month your solar panels go uncleaned you lose 5% efficiency.

Increase in Efficiency

to help you achieve your goals.
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Our work process

What to Expect


Effortless Initiation & Estimate

Reach out for a free consultation, and receive a personalized estimate for your solar panel cleaning needs.


Tailored Cleaning Proposal

Review and approve a customized cleaning proposal, outlining our water-based approach and inspection services.


Thorough Water-Based Cleaning

Experience a professional, water-based cleaning that removes debris for optimal panel function.


On-going Maintenance Plans

Optimize your solar investment with our tailored maintenance plans, ensuring ongoing cleanliness and peak efficiency for your panels.

Need more information

Frequently asked questions

Explore the answers to commonly asked questions about solar panel cleaning to make informed decisions about optimizing the efficiency and longevity of your solar investment.

Why is it important to clean solar panels?

Solar panels accumulate dust, dirt, bird droppings, and debris over time, hindering their efficiency. Regular cleaning ensures maximum sunlight absorption, optimizing energy production and extending the lifespan of the panels.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning depends on factors like location, weather conditions, and surrounding environment. As a general guideline, we recommend a professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months to maintain optimal performance.

What cleaning method does Northeast Clean Solar use, and is it eco-friendly?

We employ a water-based cleaning method that is both effective and eco-friendly. Our purified water and brush system remove contaminants without the need for chemicals, ensuring a spotless shine while minimizing environmental impact.

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