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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services

At Northeast Clean Solar, we understand the pivotal role that clean solar panels play in maximizing efficiency and extending the lifespan of your investment. Our comprehensive solar panel cleaning services are tailored for businesses across Upstate New York, offering a meticulous approach that ensures your solar panels shine at their brightest.

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Water Based Cleaning

Experience the power of our eco-friendly, water-based cleaning approach. We use purified water and specialized brushes to remove dust, dirt, bird droppings, and debris, guaranteeing a spotless shine without the use of harmful chemicals.

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Why Choose Northeast Clean Solar


Benefit from our eco-friendly, industry-leading expertise in solar panel cleaning tailored for commercial installations.

Family Values

As a family-owned business, we prioritize trust, reliability, and personalized service.


Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is reflected in every aspect of our cleaning process.

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How it Works

Your Path to Cleaner, More Efficient Solar Panels

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Consultation and Estimate

Reach out for a consultation, and receive a personalized estimate for your solar panel cleaning needs.


Proposal and Approval

Review and approve a customized cleaning proposal, outlining our water-based approach and inspection services.


Expert Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Experience a professional, water-based cleaning that removes debris while our experts conduct a detailed inspection for optimal panel function.


Ongoing Maintenance Plans

Optimize your solar investment with our tailored maintenance plans, ensuring ongoing cleanliness and peak efficiency for your panels.

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