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Solar Panel Cleaning, Sustainable with Northeast clean solar

About Our Company

Welcome to Northeast Clean Solar

We are a woman-owned, family-operated business headquartered in Albany, NY, serving the Northeast region. Specializing in commercial solar panel cleaning for businesses of all sizes, including buildings, carports, and solar farms, we pride ourselves on harnessing the power of water-based cleaning solutions – free from chemicals – to ensure your panels shine at their brightest.

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Your Trusted Solar Power Partner

Empowering Upstate Businesses with Superior Solar Panel Maintenance

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Clean Solar Panel

Solar Panel Cleaning

Elevate your solar investment with our meticulous water-based cleaning service, ensuring a spotless, eco-friendly shine that maximizes energy output.

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Meet the Founders

The Northeast Team

At Northeast Clean Solar, we invite you to join us on a journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your solar investment, reduce your ecological footprint, and contribute to a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Alexander Riccio - Northeast Clean Solar

Alex Riccio

Executive Co-Founder

Jessica Riccio - Northeast Clean Solar

Jessica Riccio

Executive Co-Founder

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Frequently asked questions

When we talk to clients about our solar panel cleaning services for their company, a few of the same questions come up.

How does regular solar panel cleaning contribute to environmental sustainability?

Regular solar panel cleaning with our water-based, chemical-free approach not only optimizes energy production but also minimizes environmental impact. By using purified water and eco-friendly methods, we ensure a sustainable approach to maintaining your solar investment.

What factors influence the frequency of solar panel cleaning?

The frequency of cleaning depends on your location, climate, and surrounding environment. Generally, we recommend professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months to maintain optimal efficiency, especially in areas prone to dust, bird droppings, or pollen accumulation.

Is winter maintenance necessary for solar panels, and how does Northeast Clean Solar handle it?

Yes, winter maintenance is crucial for solar panels, especially in regions with harsh weather conditions. Snow, ice, and debris can affect energy production. Northeast Clean Solar provides specialized winter cleaning services, carefully removing snow and ice without causing damage, ensuring your panels continue to operate efficiently throughout the colder months.

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